Celtic & Folk Music, Shanties
Songs from Ships
Past, Present and Future,
other Random Silliness 

House of Cadarn is a musical trio comprised of Roger Collins, Stacy Cassidy and Daniel Gichner. We specialize in maritime, nautical and Celtic music, songs of ships past present and future among other random silliness. Coming from renaissance fair and re-enacting backgrounds, we have developed an appreciation for the origins of the music styles we perform and the instruments we play. Music was how people passed the time either for enjoyment and entertainment or to make the work go more smoothly or to pass stories and tradition for one generation to the next. We hope to at least put a smile on your face and a nagging tune in the back of your mind. www.houseofcadarn.net


Below are some high resolution pictures that may be downloaded and used as press material:


Photos courtesy of Scott Staton.