Jim Ablard

The High Priest of Audio. We met Jim at the performances for the Pepsi Americas' Sail Races in Beaufort, NC the summer of 2006. Jim made us sound amazing even after 5 straight day of singing.

 Celtic & Folk Music, Shanties
Songs from Ships
Past, Present and Future,
other Random Silliness 


Michaelle (Mitch) Collins

Assistant Sound Technician

House of Cadarn Cadarette

Mitch is my supportive and loving wife; as well as, learning to help operate the sound equipment. Luckily she also enjoys the music.


Chantal Sigmon

Graphic Artist and Photographer

House of Cadarn Cadarette

Chantal is an incredibly talented artist and photographer. She designed the logos and graphics for the band. Chantal is also responsible for good deal of the random silliness.


Eric Clark

Chief Sound Technician and Roadie

Eric has been the strong back, silent type but no weak mind in the House of Cadarn road crew.